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Emotional mastery will give you unexpected victories!


Let's Do This !

Angela D. Holmes

Relentlessly passionate for those who struggle to recover from divorce, with conviction Angela D. Holmes has boldly taken position as the CEO and founder of ADH Enterprises, LLC. She has become a reckoning force with her healing messages and highly anticipated book, Unscarred: Falling forward and Finding Strength in Life's Challenges.  Her body of work teaches others how to build on God's truth about who they are and learn to focus forward in spite of past hurts.


In her attempt to make life work, she found herself divorced with three children at the prime of her life.  As she was growing through her painful divorce and childhood emotional issues, during this time her purpose was revealed, this changed the course of Angela D. Holmes' life.  Now, this proud native of Daly City, California transforms lives worldwide as an Author, Speaker, and a Certified Transformation Coach.  Using her proprietary system to navigate the emotional landscape of divorce, Holmes yields proven results for her followers, clients, and audience members.  Holmes' coaching transformation helps others to first clarify their thoughts, needs, and concerns. She then shows them how to remove the fears surrounding rebuilding their lives, fulfill their untapped potential, get in touch with their personal strengths, set realistic expectations, and finally emerge with a fully developed work-life balance of satisfaction and reward.


Angela D. Holmes is a beacon of light, life, and hope to all who have experienced divorce, emotional upheavals, and distress.  She's also a humble Cali girl who loves chocolate, the beach and long drives.  Today Holmes resides in Northern California, fulfilling her purpose with her three incredible children - Alexandra, La Nair II, and Myles.


When not writing, Angela can be found serving in ministry. She also focuses on the social and economic well-being of the socially mentally distressed, injured veterans, widows, and orphans. She is a trainer in the facilitation of “Dealing with Difficult People” and “The Speed of Trust” and the author of "Emotional Stability in The Workplace TM" classes. 


I have three incredible children. Alexandra, La Nair II, and Myles. I Love being a mom. Children are a blessing from the Lord. You may ask, how do I do it all? Prayer, prayer, and more prayer! Prayer drives purpose and destiny in our children, and patience in us. Life, love, and laughter, with my bambinos, are priceless. Are there challenges? Of course, lots of them, but I learned to fully rely and depend on God and let those challenges mold us. The beautiful process of motherhood has been my greatest victory. All things are possible through faith, without prayer you're left with only probabilities. I'm Mom and not God, I rely on God's grace daily to guide them to Him. So, I have resolved to fully trust God in the always changing, challenging process of motherhood is the key to a win, win situation.

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