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unscarred book

Divorce is a destructive detachment from a relationship or career and magnified by unresolved childhood emotional upheavals.  Many resilient strong women mask the pain and fear daily. Never able to fully navigate the emotional landscape of divorce. Some of the most powerful women carry a broken heart, rejection, failure, anger, defensiveness, pride, disappointment, shame, and blame. Wow, that was a mouthful!  We allow societal stigmatisms to enclose us in a chamber of hopelessness and fear.  Angela wants readers to know that your life did not end when your relationship ended. And you can emerge fierce, emotionally and spiritually mature.


In Unscarred Angela reveals a personal candid and strategic pattern of Gods healing from divorce and embedded emotional issues in her own life.  How to heal from rejection, despondency, lack of self-love and insecurity.  Angela invites you to get in touch with your personal strengths, untapped potential, dreams, faith and heal Unscarred.  

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